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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why some people are said to be smart

People are said to be smart in schools because they enjoy studying. They dont want to give up studying cuz they love it so much. They want to find out about more and more and all this time they do not realise that they are being better off than the other students. Most students however find studying labourous and do not want to indulge in it when they feel that they do not have the need to do it.

I am a person who does not study for fun. I do not enjoy studying but when I tried to study for my last exams I kinda enjoyed it. I am not saying am very smart or anything like that. But I just figured out that those who are always at the top of their class are said to be smart because they enjoy studying. I just wished am like those type of people. The problem with me is that I only study when my exams are coming up and sometimes it can be too late.


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